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Becoming a Coaching School

In a coaching school leaders use coaching to promote the best quality of teaching.

Coaching is totally focused on improving the teachers' skills and through that the outcomes for pupils. It is a rigorous but non judgemental process. Coaching needs to be well planned and regular to be at its most effective. Coaching ensures that the school leadership knows and understands the quality of teaching in their school. It requires the coaches to have a high level of skills. 

My courses provide the training to ensure that your staff have these skills.


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Becoming a Talk for Learning School

Talk for Learning is a pedagogy that improves the quality of teaching  and learning by increasing pupils' talk.

Pupils learn to listen to each other, beginning in pairs. They are taught how to improve the quality and quantity of their talk to their partner. Lessons are highly structured to take children on a learning journey. During that journey they talk, they listen, they read aloud, they repeat back and periodically record their outcomes.

Talk for learning provides a scaffold for less able children, engagement for all children and challenge for the most able.

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Different ways of training

 There is the opportunity for schools to access coaching and talk for learning training.

I am offering packages for schools where the training will be delivered in the school's own venue.  These packages offer one, two and three year options to suit your needs and your budget. 

About Gill, her team and Accreditation

Gill & The TeamGill has twenty years experience in supporting school improvement and thirty years experience in training teachers. She was previously a teacher, headteacher, Local Authority advisor, Ofsted inspector, University lecturer and is an author of several books for teachers. Gill has now trained a number of heads and teachers to support her in delivering her unique courses in her interactive style. The rest of the consultancy team comprises of serving Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Assistant  Headteachers and members of the Senior Leadership Team from a diverse range of successful settings with substantiated records of school improvement. In all the schools talk for learning and coaching is an embedded part of their daily practice. This team will allow us to offer training and support to a greater number of schools.

Gill will continue to design and deliver courses with the support of her team.  In addition, she is now offering accreditation to those schools who work towards Being a Coaching School and Being a Talk for Learning School.

Why Gill Blenco's courses are different:

My courses differ from many others as they combine training events with one to one support in your own school. 

Headteachers say that teachers enjoy the courses and learn a great deal from them. Teachers say they particularly value the way we model “how to teach” on these days. They work hard, learn from each other and have to think deeply for themselves.

 Training events can inspire but do not embed new ways of teaching or working. Participants say that the time we spend working with them in their own school is what makes the difference. They welcome individual support and like being coached in their own setting. 

I am very confident that this combination of training and support is one that can really make a difference in schools.