Talk for Learning in your classroom

This course is three days training over a three week period for two delegates and includes a follow up day consultancy in their own school.

Day 1 - Engaging pupils through talk for learning

  • Understanding the impact of talk on learning.
  • How talk and collaboration engages pupils in their learning in the classroom.
  • Teaching children the skills for talk for learning.

Day 2 - Inspirational teaching strategies - interactive and independent activities

  • Using different pairs and groups to help children learn effectively.
  • How talk for learning strategies support less able and challenge more able pupils.

Day 3 - Assessing the learning and meeting individual needs

  • Ensuring a range of written outcomes and recording other evidence of learning.
  • Assessment of learning opportunities to reshaping lessons.
  • How to best utilise your support staff in these lessons.

Day 4 - A day with your personal talk for learning consultant

  • Planning a talk for learning journey and lesson.
  • Creating the resources for the lesson.
  • Team teaching the lesson.

NB:   Consultancy dates will be confirmed upon receipt of your booking and deposit.  Terms and conditions of booking will be issued upon your enquiry.


Gill was just what we needed in two terms we have radically changed the way we teach across the school. The results have been amazing and the impact on our children wonderful. Apathy to learning has gone and the children are engaged, articulate and independent. The team feel has never been stronger!
Louise Freeman, St Clares, Coalville
A unique course with a freshness and involved process. Nice to have no ICT/video input. The various structures with the participants actively modelling them was great. The link to various ways of learning was very relevant and current. Well paced and maintained interest.
Experienced Teacher