Being a Coaching School

The leadership courses that we offer are based on coaching techniques.  They are designed to enable staff in schools to take responsibility for their own improvement and to empower them to help others.


I believe that all teachers can be helped to improve themselves and each other through learning coaching skills.  Teachers, sometimes but not  necessarily senior leaders, are trained as coaches to think deeply about what good teaching actually looks like, observe lessons closely, and to analyse what practices are more or less effective. They are then taught to ask the right questions to help a colleague to improve their own teaching and to make suggestions at a time when the coachee is receptive. There is often a positive impact on the quality of teaching of the coach as well as the coachee.


Headteachers and senior leaders are then shown how to use the robust data from the coaching to effectively evaluate the quality of teaching across the school and use it to plan for school improvement.